Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions below before using the online store. If you continue to purchase from SKY Kreativa online store, it means that you are aware and agree to the full general terms and conditions. SKY, Marko Testen s.p. reserves the right to change the terms of the SKY Kreativa .  All changes are binding on customers, so we recommend that you view the terms and conditions regularly.

The general terms and conditions SKY Kreativa , owned by SKY, Marko Testen s.p., are drawn up in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), with the recommendations of the GZS and international codes for e-commerce.

SKY Kreativa operates:

SKY, Marko Testen s.p.

Čargova ulica 11

5213 Kanal

E-mail: info@skykreativa.si

Registration No: 6784151000

Tax No. 13397184

IBAN: SI56 6100 0001 0347 725 (Delavska Hranilnica d.d.)

The buyer is bound by the general terms and conditions that are valid at the time of purchase (award of the online order).

Accessibility of information

The provider undertakes to always provide the customer with the following information:

  • Identity of the company (name and registered office, registration number).
  • Contact addresses (e-mail, phone).
  • The essential characteristics of the product or services (including sales services and warranties) and the period of validity of this information.
  • Accessibility of products (any item on offer on the website should be accessible within an understandable time limit).
  • All prices which must be clearly and unambiguously determined and show whether they already contain taxes and other charges and the period of validity of that information.
  • Method of payment and delivery or completion, and the period of validity of this information.
  • Time validity of the quote.
  • The period within which the contract may be withed and the conditions for withdrawal (description of the right of withdrawal in accordance with Article 43 of the ZVPot; in cases where the consumer does not have the right of withdrawal in accordance with Paragraph 43(1) of the ZVPot, he is expressly informed.
  • Explanation of the complaint procedure, including any details of the contact or customer contact service.
  • By signing in to SKY Kreativa online by e-mail, the visitor becomes a member of the online store. Thus, a member (hereinafter also a user) acquires the right to purchase from an online store. The purchase can also be made as a guest, make a quick purchase and do not need to register before purchasing. When registering in an online store, the visitor obtains a user name that is the same as the address of his e-mail and a password. The user name and password are unambiguously defined and associated with the data you enter. Registration is also possible during the purchase process.

Item Quotes and Prices

Due to the nature of the business online, the offer and prices in SKY Kreativa online store are updated and varied frequently. The price in SKY Kreativa is the same for both registered members and guests of the online store. All prices are free of VAT. Prices are valid at the time of award of the contract and do not have a predetermined validity.

Order and prices

SKY Kreativa  reserves the right to reject the order in case the item is no longer in stock or the manifestly incorrect prices that may arise in the event of errors in automated downloads, which we will notify you of as soon as possible. In case of confusion, verification of information or ensuring the correct delivery, we may call you at the phone number you entered at the time of placing the order.

You will be able to store your digital products in your local storage immediately after payment has been made. You will also be notified, we will send you a “Your order is completed” notice to your e-mail address. If you have ordered goods that have not been received for unforeseeable reasons, please inform us immediately and inform info@skykreativa.si.

If the buyer decides to cancel the order in good time, he must immediately inform the seller by e-mail to the info@skykreativa.si. If the file(s) have already been downloaded, the cancellation of the purchase does not apply and the purchase fee will not be returned.

The purchase agreement betweenSKY Kreativa  and the customer  is concluded in SKY Kreativa  at the moment when SKY Kreativa sends the customer the first e-mail confirming his order. As of this moment, all prices and other terms are fixed and apply to both SKY Kreativa and the customer.

The purchase agreement (i.e., the first electronic message on the status of the order) is stored electronically on the Beige concept store and is available to consumers at their written request.

Delivery time

Files are transferred to your local disk immediately after payment is received.

Payment methods

The SKY Kreativa provides the following payment methods:

  1. budgeted (UPN order) to the company’s account,
  2. with a payment card using Stripe

Invoice issue

The SKY Kreativa also sends an invoice to the customer after delivery and payment of the ordered items, in pdf format to the customer’s e-mail address. The invoice has a broken price and all costs associated with the purchase. The buyer is obliged to verify the correctness of the information before placing the order.

Discount Code

The discount code or promotional code brings different benefits when purchased through the SKY Kreativa online store. The active code can be found on the cover page of the advertisement, in the email SKY Kreativa online store or other media. The code brings a variety of benefits, from different gifts to discounts. Any code is always limited in time and must be exploited within a limited time limit, otherwise it is invalid. If the customer takes advantage of the discount code or later cancels the order with the code of its own, it is no longer entitled to a new benefit from the title of that code.

Discount codes are not added up and do not apply to products in action unless otherwise stated.


  • Select the items you want to buy and put them in your cart. When you are finished adding items to your cart, continue by clicking on the Check Mark button. Enter your personal information and choose a payment method.
  • In the same step, click on the Coupon box. Click here to enter the code and enter the discount code in the Coupon Code box and confirm the entry by clicking on the Enter coupon button. If you want to use more than one discount code at the same time, just repeat the process.
  • When you enter discount codes, the discount code value is automatically deducted from the price of your order. The amount remains to be paid.
  • A discount code can also be a one-time code, which means that you can only use it once.
  1. The combination of different forms of benefit (discount code, promotional code and bonus) within the same order is in principle not possible.

Purchase process

  1. Product selection: On the SKY Kreativa , select the product and click on the link “in the cart”. The system notifies you that the product has been successfully added to your cart. To continue shopping, click on the page anywhere and go back to the online store. To complete your purchase, click on the right “Check out” link and the system brings you to your shopping cart.
  2. Removing the product from your shopping cart:SKY Kreativa contains in the upper right corner , where the shopping cart icon (after clicking on the icon and clicking on the right link “at the check box”) displays the user products that have been added to the shopping cart while browsing the online store. must click on the icon (X) in the cart. To add a specific product to a cart, the user must click on the “template” link. Clicking on this link returns to the online store.

III. Shopping cart: To complete the order, you must fill in the necessary fields.

  1. Subscriber details: You must provide the required contact details, which are marked with a red asterisk (name, surname, e-mail address, address, place, postcode and phone number) needed to confirm and complete the order.
  2. The form allows a user account to be created and the user’s data is already stored the next order.
  3. Payment method: The choice can be between two payment methods: Payment by budget or via credit card.
  4. Discount codes: If the user has a valid discount code enter it in the appropriate box and clicks the “use the code” button.
  5. Order completion: The user can review the information provided for delivery, the payment method they have selected and the contents of the shopping cart. The user confirms the order by clicking on the ‘Buy now’ button. If the order has been successfully completed, the text “Your order has been successful” is shown on the website. Thank you for buying!”

Purchase notification procedure

  1. After placing the order, the buyer receives a notice by e-mail that the order has been accepted.
  2. SKY Kreativa can call the customer at his contact telephone number to verify the data or to ensure the accuracy of the delivery.
  3. The procedure for purchasing for legal persons is exactly the same as for natural persons, except that at the end of the purchase, you must also enter the name of the company and the tax number of the company. There are also equal payment options.

Right of withdrawal of the consumer

Since it is a digital product with a one-time purchase, there is no refund to buy. By purchasing a digital product, you agree to this and you take the right to withdraw from the contract and refund the money. If you have questions about your purchase, please contact us info@skykreativa.si and we will answer you as soon as possible. In case of problems after purchase, you can contact us and we will try to help you.

Liability for in-kind errors

The seller (SKY Kreativa) is responsible for the real faults that the matter had when the danger passed to the buyer, regardless of whether it was known to him or not. The seller is also liable for those real errors that occur after the danger has passed on to the buyer if they are due to a cause that has existed before. A significant error of kind is not taken into account.

A defect in kind shall be considered where:

  1. the item does not have the characteristics necessary for its normal use or for turnover,
  2. the item does not have the characteristics necessary for the end-use for which the buyer purchases it, but which is known to or should have been known to the seller,
  3. the item has no characteristics and merits that have been explicitly or silently agreed or prescribed. The suitability of the product is checked with another, faultless item of the same type, as well as the manufacturer’s statements or statements on the item itself. The customer must inform us of any error in law, together with a detailed description of the error, within the statutory time limit and at the same time allow us to review the item. The right to claim a fault in kind on an item is more precisely governed by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.


SKY Kreativa uses appropriate technological and organizational means to protect the transfer and storage of personal data and payments. The provider shall use for these purposes an SSL certificate issued by an authorised organisation. Credit card authorisations are carried out in real time by checking data with banks immediately. Card information is not stored on the provider’s server.

Buyer’s liability

The buyer is obliged to verify the correctness of the invoice information and to notify the seller of any errors within eight (8) days of receipt. Subsequent complaints are ignored. Your credit card will be directly debited when you confirm your order. The amount that will charge your card may vary from the amount stated on our site, as it depends on the fees or fees of the issuer of your card (and/or card provider) established during the transaction process.

We do not bear responsibility for fees related to changing exchange rates and surcharges set by your bank, as well as any other additional fees for foreign currency transactions charged to you by the issuer of your card, in case eur is not the currency in which the issuer of your credit card issues invoices to you.

Protection of personal data

SKY, Marko Testen s.p. undertakes to protect permanently all personal data of the user in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 and the ZVOP-1. All detailed

information on the processing of personal data, see the Privacy Policy section. The user must be aware that he is obliged to provide the online trader with his personal data in the correct and true form, and he is obliged to inform the online trader of a change in his or her data. By accepting these terms, the user confirms that the personal data he has provided are correct.


SKY Kreativa will only contact the user through remote communications if the user expressly agrees. Advertising emails will contain the following components:

  1. they will be clearly and unambiguously marked as advertisements,
  2. the consignor will be clearly visible,
  3. various campaigns, promotions and other marketing techniques will be marked as such. The conditions for participation in them will also be clearly defined.
  4. the way you unpresent from receiving advertisements will be clearly presented,
  5. the user’s wish not to receive advertisements will be explicitly respected by the Beige concept store.

Legal notice

The sky kreativa online store and all the information on it, images of items, graphic and video elements on the website are protected and may not be reproduced or used without prior written permission.

Limitation of liability

SKY Kreativa is doing its best to ensure that the data published on its websites is up to date and correct. However, product properties or price can change so quickly that the store sometimes fails to correct the data on SKY Creative notices the customer of the changes and allow him to withdraw from the contract or replace the ordered item.

Exclusion of liability

We reserve the right to disable the website or disable access to it due to technical or other problems and maintenance, which also means disabling or obstructing the use of the online store. In the event of technical problems on the website, we reserves the right to cancel orders that have been affected by a technical fault. In case of cancellation of orders, we will inform you as soon as possible and inform you of the next steps. You must ensure that the equipment (antivirus, etc.) is adequately protected from access to and use of the website. The buyer must ensure adequate security and confidentiality of those information used to log on to the website (e-mail address, password).

Complaints and disputes

SKY Kreativa respects the applicable European consumer law. SKY Kreativa is doing its utmost to fulfil its duty to establish an effective complaint handling system and to identify the person with whom, in the event of a problem, the customer can connect by telephone or by e-mail.

The complaint is submitted by e-mail address info@skykreativa.si. The procedure for dealing with a complaint shall be confidential. SKY Creative will confirm within five working days that it has received a complaint, informs the customer how long it will be dealt with and will keep it informed at all times of the progress of the process.

The tenderer is aware that the essential feature of a consumer dispute, at least as far as the court resolution is concerned, is its disproportionate nature between the economic value of the claim and the costs incurred in resolving the dispute itself. This is also the main obstacle not to bring a dispute before a court. SKY Kreativa is therefore doing its best to resolve any disputes amicable.

In the case of judicial dispute resolution, the competent court is the place of residence of the buyer.

Out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes

According to legal norms, we do not recognise any provider of out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes as competent to resolve a consumer dispute that the consumer could initiate under the Out-of-Court Consumer Dispute Resolution Act. That arrangement stems from the Out-of-Court Consumer Dispute Resolution Act, Regulation (EU) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the online resolution of consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2016/2004 and Directive 2009/22/EC.